Your question: Will a broken bumper fail an MOT?

What can I fail my MOT on?

Help your car pass its next MOT

Around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT due to simple things such as faulty bulbs, too little tyre tread, or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. It’s possible to anticipate most of these issues with a quick check of your car. It only takes a ‘Minute Or Two’!

Can you drive your car away if it fails the MOT?

Basically, you can drive your vehicle away with an MoT fail even if you have an old valid MoT certificate still in date, unless a ‘dangerous’ issue has been listed on the paperwork and the minimum standards of roadworthiness aren’t met.

How common is it to fail an MOT?

In fact, official statistics for 2015/16 show over 36% of cars failed their MOT at the first time of asking – equivalent to almost 7.8 million tests – and the average fail was the result of almost 3 defects.

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Is a broken seat an MOT failure?

If seats can’t be lifted because of heavy or fragile items on the seat, the Tester may refuse to Test the vehicle. A passenger seat will only be considered defective if it’s likely to cause injury.

What is a major MOT failure?

A ‘major’ fault is more serious, it poses a potential safety risk to drivers and others. It could also be a defect that has a damaging impact on the environment. These faults will result in an MOT failure and the owner will not be issued with an MOT pass certificate until the issues have been rectified.

What is checked on an MOT 2021?

Complete MOT checklist

  • Keep your car clean, inside and out. …
  • Give number plates a clean as they need to be readable to pass the MOT.
  • Check the windscreen wipers are in good condition, with no tears.
  • Check all lights are in working order. …
  • Check tyre tread using the 20p test, and tyre pressure too.

Do you get 14 days grace for an MOT?

Many people believe that there is a two-week grace period for lapsed MOTs – which can allow drivers a leeway period to get their vehicle booked in for their MOT test. Unfortunately, despite popular belief, the ‘MOT grace period’ is actually a myth.

How long can you drive without MOT?

Is there ever a time I can drive without an MOT? The simple answer is, no, it’s illegal to drive without an MOT. If your vehicle is more than three years old, you can’t drive without an MOT unless you are driving to a pre-booked test at an authorised test centre.

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How long after MOT expires Can I drive?

If your car fails its MOT, you can only drive it if the previous year’s MOT is still valid (i.e. the test took place on a date earlier than last year’s). MOTs can be done anytime within the 12 month period before the existing MOT expires.

Can an MOT be done late?

A late MOT is not something you can ignore as, contrary to popular belief, there is no grace period for an MOT test. It’s simple really – driving a car with an expired MOT is illegal and dangerous.

Is handbrake an MOT failure?

On electronic systems a parking brake warning light illuminated is a failure. A parking brake lever must have obvious excessive travel before being rejected.

Parking brake (‘handbrake’)

Defect Category
b. Parking brake lever pivot or ratchet mechanism: i. obviously worn Minor

What’s checked in an MOT?

What’s checked in an MOT?

  • Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment. Your vehicle’s front, rear, brake, fog, indicator and registration plate lights and rear reflectors must: …
  • Brakes. …
  • Tyres and road wheels. …
  • Seat belts. …
  • Body, structure and general items. …
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions. …
  • Driver’s view of the road.

Do you need back seats to pass MOT?

You need to remove the rear seat belts though, or the tester won’t be happy as someone can still attempt to sit in there. With no rear seat belts, their arse is covered at the time of the test that you’ve blatently removed the rear seats. It will appear as an advisory on your MOT report though.

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Do you need rear seat belts for MOT?

MoT test includes all front seat belts. Legislation introduced for compulsory wearing of front seat belts. New cars had to be fitted with rear seat belts. Seat belts, if available, had to be worn in the back of cars by children under 14.

Can you remove seats from your car?

It is legal to remove and replace these at at any time. The second row of seats is bolted in and not intended for removal. To be legal, if you want to remove this second row it is considered a modification to the vehicle.