You asked: How much does a Integra transmission weigh?

How heavy is a Honda transmission?

A transmission from a small-ish front when drive car (like a Honda Civic, for example) can be lifted by one person and will be somewhere in the 100 pound range.

How much does a GSR transmission weigh?

Registered. weight without clutch and FW? about 80 lb.

What is the average weight of a transmission?

You can expect an average transmission weight to be about 100 to 400 pounds (45 to 181 kg) or about 226 lbs (103 kg) for a standard size transmission. Generally, the lighter a transmission is, the higher the performance is, although it depends on the vehicle.

How heavy is a b16 transmission?

The B16A weights in at 309 lb. so when compaired to the B18B at 350 lb and the B18C1 at 370 lb.

How much does a Ford f150 transmission weigh?

The weight of a Ford F-150 transmission will be approximately 215 lbs. This is a fairly light weight transmission as sometimes they can reach approximately 400 lbs.

How much does a Chevy Cobalt transmission weigh?

Type: transverse front wheel drive, five speed manual transaxle. Max Gearbox Torque: 258 lb. -ft. Weight: 99 lbs.

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How much does a GSR motor weight?

I believe it’s something around 380 lbs but the exact weight is escaping me off the top of my head.

How much does a Honda manual transmission weigh?

But from what I remember they weigh about 60-70 Lbs. They’re just slightly to heavy for me to man-handle.

How much does a TH400 weigh?

The TH400 is 24.37” long and comes in at a weight of 135 pounds dry. This transmission does vary in the amount of fluid required, based on certain specifications such as which torque converter is used. That being said, a common fill volume is between 11-12 quarts for a stock transmission.

How much does a RWD transmission weigh?

So, how much does a transmission weigh? A front wheel drive transmission can vary in weight from 90 to 300 pounds (40 to 136 kg). A rear wheel drive four and five-speed vehicle transmission will weigh around the same.

How heavy is a B18C1?

According to , the B18C1 weighs 370 lbs.

How much does a B18B1 weight?

B series non-VTEC: 395 pounds

Although newer, OBD-I B18B1 engines feature updated and more comprehensive emissions components as well as hydraulic-style transmissions; the additional weight from those bits is negligible and is measured by the ounce.

How much does a h22a weigh?

Registered. Mine weighs 598 pounds.