What three factors are used to determine the size of a motor?

power, the torque required is reduced by 50%. There are other factors that also play a role in determining the size of the motors like; understanding the duty cycle of the motor (continuous, intermittent, or short time), cooling type as well as the altitude factor.

How do I size a motor?

The quickest method to closely estimate motor horsepower is to use a digital clamp meter to measure current and voltage to the motor, and then perform a simple calculation. Use this formula to estimate motor horsepower. Horsepower(hp)= Voltage x Amperage x % EFF x power factor x 1.73/746.

What are the three components of a motor?

No matter the type of motor, there are three basic parts: a stator, a commutator, and a rotor.

What are the factors on which the sizing of electric motors for electric vehicle depends?

The properties of the vehicle such as size, weight, overload and aerodynamics are crucial vehicle characteristics that will ultimately determine speed, torque and power requirements of the electric motor.

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What is power factor of a motor?

The motor power factor is the phase angle between voltage and current (cosφ). cos phi (φ) is used, among other purposes, to calculate the power consumption of a motor. … Cosφ is the phase angle between voltage and current. Cosφ is also referred to as power factor (PF).

How do you calculate 3 phase motor horsepower?

To find the horsepower of your triple phase motor, you’ll need to use this equation: HP = volts x full load amps x percent efficiency x power factor x 1.73 / 746.

What is a 3 phase motor?

A three-phase motor is an electric machine that transforms electric power into mechanical energy by means of electromagnetic interactions.

What are the motor components?

A simple motor has the following parts:

  • A power supply – mostly DC for a simple motor.
  • Field Magnet – could be a permanent magnet or an electromagnet.
  • An Armature or rotor.
  • Commutator.
  • Brushes.
  • Axle.

What are the types of 3 phase induction motor?

There are three types of 3- phase induction motors namely plain or squirrel cage induction motor, slip-ring or wound rotor induction motor and double cage rotor induction motor.

How do you determine motor rating?

The higher the voltage, the higher the torque. The voltage rating of a DC motor indicates the most efficient voltage while running. Be sure to apply the recommended voltage. If you apply too few volts, the motor will not work, whereas too many volts can short windings resulting in power loss or complete destruction.

What are the factors that affecting the size of rotating machines?

Explanation: There are 2 factors that affect the size of rotating machines. They are speed of the machines and the output coefficient of the machines.

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What is major factors that affect motor speed and torque?

Motor performance depends on three elements such as voltage across terminals, resistance across terminals, and magnetic force.

What are the desired features of motors used in electric vehicles?

The rapid development in the field of Power electronics and control techniques has created a space for various types of electric motors to be used in Electric Vehicles. The electric motors used for automotive applications should have characteristics like high starting torque, high power density, good efficiency, etc.