What should you do as you pass a high sided vehicle?

What should you do when overtaking a high-sided vehicle in windy conditions?

In very windy weather your vehicle may be affected by turbulence created by large vehicles. Motorcyclists are particularly affected, so keep well back from them when they are overtaking a high-sided vehicle.

Where should you be especially wary of side winds when driving a high-sided vehicle on a motorway?

Where should you be especially aware of the effects of side wind? Explanation: On motorways, be especially careful when driving over bridges and viaducts. The road here is exposed and in windy weather there’s a risk of strong side wind, which may blow you off course or even blow your vehicle over.

What constitutes a high-sided vehicle?

A motor vehicle such as a truck that is tall in relation to its width. … ‘Since 1996, the number of bridge bashes by high-sided vehicles has almost doubled to nearly 2,000 a year.

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What’s the greatest risk to your safety when you’re overtaking on a motorway in very wet weather?

What’s the greatest risk to your safety when you’re overtaking on a motorway in very wet weather? Explanation: In very wet conditions, tyres may be unable to clear all the water from their path. This can result in a layer of water building up between the road and the tyre – a situation known as aquaplaning.

Where are U most likely to be affected by a side wind?

You’re most likely to be subjected to side wind on exposed routes; for example, on long bridges, open roads and exposed stretches of motorway.

What are side winds in driving?

This sign warns drivers that they are approaching an area where windy conditions are likely and they should continue with caution.

Which vehicle is most likely to be affected by side winds?

Explanation: You should be aware that motorcyclists are likely to be affected by side wind and can be blown into your path.

Which vehicle is least affected by side winds?

Explanation: Although cars are the least likely to be affected, side winds can take anyone by surprise. This is most likely to happen after overtaking a large vehicle, when passing gaps between hedges or buildings, and on exposed sections of road.

What is classed as a high sided vehicle UK?

Anything over 2.9mtr is classed as high sided.

What should you do before overtaking a lorry?

Explanation: Plan your overtaking carefully. The weight of your vehicle, combined with the restrictions imposed by a speed limiter, is likely to make your vehicle lose speed on uphill gradients. You should take this into consideration before attempting to overtake another moving vehicle.

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How should you overtake horse riders?

Explanation: When you decide to overtake a horse rider, make sure you can do so safely before you move out. Leave them plenty of room and pass slowly. Passing too closely at speed could startle the horse and unseat the rider.

What should you check when you’ve just overtaking a motorcyclist on a motorway?

Check the nearside mirror to make sure you’ve passed safely before returning to the left. Be especially careful when overtaking motorcyclists, as they may be affected by the draught from your vehicle.