What makes a car seat defective?

Baby seats, car seats and booster seats can be defective due to a design flaw that renders some part of the seat unable to protect its occupant. In recent years, design flaws leading to recall of seats have included: Defective Buckles. Buckles are intended to keep a child locked in place.

What is the most common problem involving car seats?

Here are some of the most common mistakes caregivers make when installing car seats.

  1. Not matching the seat to the child’s weight or age. …
  2. Not installing it tightly enough. …
  3. Prematurely turning the seat to the forward-facing position. …
  4. Incorrectly using the safety-seat straps. …
  5. Not reading all the instructions.

How do I know if my car seat is bad?

To find out when your seat expires, take a look at the seat itself. Each seat or booster will have a date of manufacture printed on a sticker that’s somewhere on the seat or stamped into the seat itself; as well as on the registration card that came with the seat.

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Why do car seats go bad?

In general, car seats expire between 6 and 10 years from the date of manufacture. They expire for a number of reasons, including wear and tear, changing regulations, recalls, and the limits of manufacturer testing.

What are the five most common car seat mistakes?

5 Most Common Car Seat Mistakes

  • Selection Errors: Most children leave the hospital in a rear-facing only infant seat or a rear-facing convertible seat. …
  • Direction Errors: Most parents are turning their child forward-facing too soon. …
  • Harnessing Errors: …
  • Installation Errors: …
  • Skipping a Free Inspection.

What seat should my child be in?

California’s Occupant Protection Law

Children under the age of 8 are required to be secured in a car or booster seat. Children who are 8 years old OR at least 4’9” may be secured by a booster seat, but at minimum wear a seat belt.

Why does my child’s head falls forward in car seat?

If baby’s head is flopping forward, the most likely culprit is the angle of the car seat. Make absolutely sure car seats are installed correctly. If they are, they should help secure children’s heads. Neck braces and other head apparatus are not tested with peer-reviewed data.

How many years is a car seat good for?

Yes, car seats typically expire after six years from the date of manufacture. A sticker that provides the serial number includes manufacture and expiration dates.

How should a newborn look in a car seat?

If your baby’s head is turned to the side, great. If your baby’s head is straight, that’s great too. Just make sure the baby’s head is not falling straight down into a chin to chest position. Most infant car seats come with a removable insert behind the baby’s head.

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How long is a Graco car seat good for?

Graco defines “useful life” as 10 years for belt-positioning boosters and for steel-reinforced belt path car seats and 7 years for plastic-reinforced belt path car seats.

Can you use a car seat after it expires?

Others just have a length of time from the date of manufacture. If you are buying a car seat secondhand, which we do not recommend, be sure to look for the expiration date. If it is past or coming up sooner than the length of time your child will need to use the seat, it’s not a good purchase.

Can I reuse car seat for second baby?

And many car seats today actually come with expiration dates that are 5-8 years from the manufacture date. So, as long as you’re aware of, and address, safety issues and the seat is within the expiration range, you can feel comfortable using it for your new baby.

Is it OK to use a car seat after the expiration date?

Expired car seats may not adequately protect riders in the event of a crash. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents to avoid using car seats that are past their use-by dates, or seats without expiration dates that are more than six years from date of manufacture.

What is the common mistake made when installing a child’s car seat?

Common mistakes include routing the seat belt through the wrong belt path, failing to use a top tether for a forward-facing car seat, installing a rear-facing infant seat in the front passenger seat, and using both the seat belt and the lower anchors at the same time.

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Is it safe to attach toys to car seat?

Never attach a toy to the straps of the child safety seat! … While there are extremely strict standards including crash testing that child safety seats must pass, there are NO standards or crash testing for products sold to be used with a child safety seat (but that don’t come with the safety seat.)

Do car seats need cup holders?

Cup holders are optional on the Comfort Sport, Classic Ride, Ready Ride, and Milestone. They are required on 4Ever, 4Ever DLX and Extend2Fit and 4Ever Extended2Fit. Can I use an inflatable seat belt to install my car seat?