What benefits does AutoZone offer?

These benefits, among others, include life insurance, savings fund, food coupons, vacation premium, 20% discount on AutoZone merchandise, and bonuses.

What kind of insurance does AutoZone offer?

Employer Summary

AutoZone offers medical, vision, life, and short- and long-term disability to eligible employees. Weight Watchers and smoking cessation programs are also available.

Are AutoZone benefits good?

What benefits does AutoZone offer? Benefits are excellent, good insurance, good dental and vision, good life insurance, discounts on new vehicles, computers,…

What discounts do AutoZone employees get?

Employees receive a 20% discount on AutoZone merchandise and discounts to other retailers.

Is AutoZone a good place to work?

AutoZone is a good company to work with. I never had a bad experience working with the company. Every manager hired is shown respect, not because it’s given but it’s earned, every manager I have encountered for my 1 and half years of experience have never had a bad experience with.

Does AutoZone hold your first paycheck?

4 answers. Depends which week you start, they’re on bi-weekly pay, so two weeks max. In the first two weeks depending on start day and how it lands with payday.

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What does AutoZone pay their employees?

How much does AutoZone pay? The average AutoZone salary ranges from approximately $47,128 per year for a Parts Sales Manager (PSM) to $1,015,376 per year for a Truck Driver. The average AutoZone hourly pay ranges from approximately $11 per hour for a Part Sales Associate to $24 per hour for a Commercial Manager.

What’s it like working at AutoZone?

Fast paced, Team based environment

It’s a great place to work for your first job, you get a lot of Retail experience and you pick up a lot of automotive related knowledge and know how. But the pay is low but a lot of room to grow.

Does AutoZone give overtime?

Autozone employees are often required to work long shifts, as well as additional time before and after their scheduled shift. As a result, many Autozone employees end up working more than 40 hours per week, and are therefore entitled to overtime pay.

What is AutoZone dress code?

6 answers. ALL Black shoes, black socks, black pants, black belt, white undershirt, red shirt tucked in, and name tag.

Does AutoZone pay commission?

We are NOT on commission.

How much does an AutoZone shift supervisor make?

AutoZone Salary FAQs

How does the salary as a Shift Supervisor at AutoZone compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for a Shift Supervisor is $33,428 per year in United States, which is 11% higher than the average AutoZone salary of $30,106 per year for this job.

How often do you get raises at AutoZone?

Merit raises occur once per year. Once a year.

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What do AutoZone employees do?

Autozoner main job duties include customer service communications. Store support workers feature major departments like finance, human resources, marketing, store development, supply chain, and distribution. Autozoner positions also stay in touch with store employees, addressing all kinds of worker concerns.

Do you have to know about cars to work at AutoZone?

AutoZone Employee: Anybody looking to work at AutoZone, I would say needs to 1.) know a little about cars, and 2.) … Not that you won’t learn about the cars, but it does help if you know about basic models, if you know basic engine types, because a lot of the time customers come in and they don’t know.