Quick Answer: Where are ARB bumpers made?

Where are ARB bumpers manufactured?

Follow an ARB Bumper through the entire manufacturing process. From a flat sheet of steel, experience every stage of our state-of-the-art factory in Melbourne, Australia, and take a unique look at the effort, passion and attention to detail required to build the world’s best 4×4 protection equipment.

Where are ARB products made?

ARB has manufacturing operations in Australia and Thailand, and maintains warehouse facilities in New Zealand, the United States, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates, with products exported to over 100 countries.

What does ARB bumper stand for?

The concept was embraced when it hit the fledgling 4×4 market, and ARB – the initials of Anthony Ronald Brown – was founded. Today, ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories.

Is ARB in America?

Today, ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories. We have a vast international presence, with offices in the USA, Europe and the Middle East, and an export network that extends through more than 100 countries around the globe.

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Are TJM bull bars made in Australia?

TJM bull bars are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in Australia.

Where are Ironman Bullbars made?

TJM is an Australian company that has been designing and manufacturing a range of steel and alloy Frontal Protection Systems (bullbars) since 1973.

Is ARB made in China?

WHERE ARE ARB BULL BARS MADE? All ARB bull bars are manufactured right here, in Australia, from a state-of-the-art factory located in Melbourne.

What does TJM stand for?


Acronym Definition
TJM Taux Journalier Moyen (French: Average Daily Rate)
TJM Translation Jean Media
TJM Tarptautiniai Jaunimo Mainai (Lithuanian: International Youth Exchanges; Vilnius, Lithuania)
TJM Temple Judea Mizpah (est. 1954; Skokie, IL)

Is ARB a franchise?

ARB also has 50 retail stores in Australia, with 21 owned by the company and the remainder franchised, but unfortunately the company doesn’t provide details of same-store-sales. … Exports will likely hold the key, currently representing 23% of total sales last financial year, and growing by 14%.

Where is ARB USA located?

Company Description: ARB USA is located in Auburn, WA, United States and is part of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry.

How much is an ARB bumper?

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How thick are ARB bumpers?

Like I say, though, it’s not the weld that fails but the steel in the bumper fails. Doing this way isn’t as much of an issue on a bumper made from 3/16″ or 1/4″ plate steel. The ARB is 3mm thick, which is less than 1/8″ thick.

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Are ARB air lockers reliable?

ARB air lockers have proven to be strong, reliable, and quick to actuate on demand. We have used a number of them over the years with great success. Generally, the seals that contain the locking air pressure inside will last many, many years.

What is the first product ARB ever sold?

1997: The first ARB airbag-compatible bullbar is released after extensive real-world crash testing with Monash University. 1998: ARB designs and manufactures its own range of canopies.

How do I order from ARB?

ARB’s website offers online purchasing. Orders via phone, fax or email will not be accepted. Orders may not be cancelled or changed after acceptance by ARB. Orders are normally dispatched within 1-5 business days of order confirmation subject to all ordered items being in stock.