Do Chicco car seat bases expire?

Yes, there is an expiration date listed on all car seats and bases. … All Chicco infant and convertible car seats are certified for usage on aircraft (FAA approved).

How long are Chicco car seat bases good for?

Date of Manufacture label: the seat expires after 6 years. There’s a label on the bottom of the base and on the bottom of carrier itself. These labels include the expiration date as well as the date of manufacture.

Do car seat bases expire?

Most car seat bases are good for six years from their manufacturing date. Why do car seats expire after 5 years? Most car seats expire after six years because of wear and tear but also because safety regulations and new technology developments might render older models less safe to use.

Do car seat bases need to be replaced?

Yes, you must replace your car seat and base if it has been involved in a vehicle crash, even if you can’t see visible damage. A damaged car seat or base may not protect your child in a future accident.

How do I know if my Chicco car seat is expired?

A car seat’s expiration date varies by the type of seat. You can find the expiration date for your Chicco located on the underside of the car seat or on the car seat base, printed on an adhesive manufacturer label.

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Does the Chicco KeyFit 30 base expire?

The KeyFit Base has an expiration date of manufacturer is 6 years.

How long does an infant carrier last?

INFANT CARRIERS. If you choose the path of having a “classic” infant carrier for your newborn, these are typically used to approximately 12 months and feature a carrying handle that makes it easy to bring with you outside of the car. Infant carriers are always installed rear facing in the car.

How do you find the expiry date on a car seat?

Examples of where you may find the expiration date are on a sticker on the base of your seat, in raised lettering on the plastic of the shell, or printed in the manual.

Are Chicco car seats safe?

How safe is the Chicco Keyfit? Crash test results have been excellent for this car seat. It ranked in the top 5 for crash testing compared to other top brands, and for head injuries, tested higher than federal safety standards.

Are Chicco car seats FAA approved?

Can I take my car seat on an aircraft? All Chicco infant and convertible car seats are certified for usage on aircraft (FAA approved). Typically, you can also check car seats as baggage and most airlines will allow you to check in a car seat free-standing. You should not be required to put the car seat in a bag.