Best answer: How do I replace a lost car service book?

What do you do if you lose your car service book?

You should be able to get another service book. But since you misplaced your book, they may ask you to pay for the new book. The dealer & manufacturer both will have your service records, so the service records will not be a problem. You should also have the bills from your previous servicing as proof.

Do garages keep service records?

Besides, those records aren’t necessarily lost forever. Most garages now have computerised files, so if you or a previous owner have lost the service book and you know where the car was serviced, it shouldn’t be too difficult to piece together a missing history.

How do I get my full car service history?

Car service history online: You can directly contact the vehicle manufacturer dealership and request the service history (if the main dealership maintained the car). The seller can ask for the vehicle digital service history records to keep as evident while buying.

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Is it illegal to sell a car without a service history?

Is It Illegal To Sell A Car Without A Service History? It is legal to sell a car without a service history, but the seller may not get as much money for the sale. Although having a service history is ideal, you should still be able to sell a vehicle without one, especially if it is an older car.

Can I get service without service book?

However, some cars have secret compartments beneath the glovebox for the user manual and service history. The stamp is added by the garage that carried out the work. It should indicate the mileage and date, type of service performed – a minor or major service, for example – and details of the garage.

Do you need a service book for a service?

Technically you don’t need to take anything, as the service is not like the MOT where you must present certain paperwork; however, if you want to have a complete service history and you still have a service book, make sure you take it with you and get the servicing stamp and the bodywork check stamp.

How can I check my car service history for free?

Shop at the Carfax used car listing site where every car listed comes with a free vehicle history. Visit online car listing sites like and AutoTrader which may offer free Carfax for some used cars. Visit the dealer’s website and look for links to Carfax histories.

What does full service include?

A full service usually includes everything apart for any parts specified as requiring replacement in your vehicles servicing schedule, such as fuel filters, spark plugs etc. These can be added as chargeable extras or, some garages refer to it as a major service and will charge accordingly.

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What is some service history?

A service history is a booklet that details when and where a car received its routine service. Each entry is accompanied by a stamp from the garage that confirms a professional mechanic completed the service. Likewise, any repair work that’s been done will be listed, along with the car’s mileage.

What is a service book for a car?

Ideally, a car will have been issued with a service book in which the garage performing each service will log the vehicle mileage, detail the completed work and authenticate the information with a stamp. … These days, manufacturers also keep an online record of any car that’s serviced by a franchised dealer.

Can anyone stamp a service book?

Stamps ina service book are worthless without receipts for the work done. Any reasonable owner should keep both.

How important is a full service history?

Why is a Full Service History Important

A car with a full service history demonstrates to potential buyers that the vehicle has been properly maintained. As well as showing the work that has been carried out it also gives a buyer insight into how the car has been looked after.

What happens if you don’t service your car regularly?

By not servicing your car you are likely to find that its performance may deteriorate. This may mean that you start to hear strange noises, have little problems with general running and lights start to pop up all over the dashboard.

Is a second hand car sold as seen?

No, it’s not sold as seen? When you purchase a second-hand car from a motor dealer, you enter into a legal binding contract. As the buyer you are entitled to a car that is fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality, and as described.

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