Your question: Why speed control of DC shunt motor is necessary?

In mechanical system, speed varies with number of task so speed control is necessary to do mechanical work in a proper way. It makes motor to operate easily. Shunt motor is a special type of DC motor which runs at a constant speed. But using field and armature rheostat control method we can make it more versatile.

Why is speed regulation important?

If the motor is running a load which remains constant at a given speed, the speed regulation is of little importance. … Speed regulation becomes of utmost importance on applications where a wide range of adjustable speed must be covered and where the load may change abruptly, particularly at lower speeds.

Why the shunt motor has good speed regulation?

If the load on the motor is increased, the armature rotation slows and back EMF is reduced, since back EMF is proportional to speed. … Hence, a DC shunt motor is able to self-regulate its speed, and can be referred to as a constant speed motor.

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What is speed regulation of DC shunt motor?

The speed regulation of DC shunt motor is between 10 -15 %.

How can we control the speed of a DC shunt motor?

In the shunt motor, speed can be controlled by connecting a variable resistor Rc in series with the shunt field winding. In the diagram below resistor, Rc is called the shunt field regulator. Figure: (a) Speed control of a D.C. shunt motor by variation of field flux.

Does shunt motor have good speed regulation?

The speed regulation of a permanent magnet DC motor is good ranging from 10 – 15% whereas for DC shunt motor it is somewhat less than 10 %. DC series motor has poor value of regulation.

Why is speed regulation important in electric motor?

Why DC Motor Speed Control is Important? Speed control in the machine shows an impact on the speed of rotation of the motor where this direct influence on the machine functionality and is so important for the performance and outcome of the performance.

Why DC motor has higher speed than shunt motor?

In a shunt wound DC motor, the armature (rotor) and field (stator) windings are connected in parallel. … The net voltage increase causes the armature current to increase, which increases the motor torque. This additional motor torque increases speed enough to compensate for the slowdown that occurred due to loading.

What is a speed control?

Definition of speed control

: equipment designed to operate automatically under certain conditions to keep the speed of a railroad train within a predetermined rate.

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What is speed regulation?

The speed regulation is defined as the change in speed from no load to full load, expressed as a fraction or percentage of full load speed.

Which DC motor has better speed regulation?

In case of DC, DC Shunt Motor, and in case of AC, Squirrel Case Induction motor has good speed regulation!

Why flux control method of speed control of DC shunt motor we can obtain speed Mcq?

In a DC shunt motor, flux is constant. So, the back emf is directly proportional to speed. We can control the speed by increasing armature resistance. This method gives only below base speeds.

What is speed control of motor?

An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. … In a DC shunt motor (the field is in parallel with the armature), the speed is controlled by increasing or decreasing the applied voltage to the shunt field or armature by means of a field rheostat or an armature rheostat.

How can PWM be used to control the speed of a DC motor?

The circuit is used to control speed of DC motor by using PWM technique. Series Variable Speed DC Motor Controller 12V uses a 555 timer IC as a PWM pulse generator to regulate the motor speed DC12 Volt. IC 555 is the popular Timer Chip used to make timer circuits.