Frequent question: Can I get a car towed for parking in Myspace?

No. You do not own that space. The landowner or property manager can have them towed if the area is posted properly.

Can I have a car towed from my parking spot?

If this happens in your office parking lot you can contact the towing company. This would be considered the extreme action but may be necessary if it is a recurring problem. … Once the vehicle is towed, the owner of the vehicle will have to pay a fee and retrieve their vehicle from the impound lot.

What are my rights if someone parks in my private parking space?

If a car parks on your driveway or on a space you own without permission, then it is trespassing – but that is a civil rather than a criminal offence, so you need an eviction notice from the courts to tackle this problem.

How do I get my car parked illegally towed?

Call us on 09 355 3553 as soon as possible. Our contact centre is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will be able to advise you regarding which towing company has towed the car. If your vehicle was parked in a private car park, phone the number provided on signs in the private car park.

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Can I clamp cars parked on my property?

“Don’t damage or clamp the vehicle or have it removed by a third party for destruction or storage without first seeking legal advice,” the police spokesman added. “If you do any of these things, you may commit a criminal offence or the owner may pursue a civil action against you.”

What happens if someone parks in your spot?

The immediate and obvious choice

This is rather easy, as your parking lot most likely has a sign advertising a local service. If you call, the person’s car will be impounded, and they will have to retrieve their vehicle and also pay a fine.

What can I do about my Neighbours parking?

If you do find that you have issues with your neighbours when it comes to parking, speak to them, be polite and don’t threaten them. Do not retaliate by blocking their drive, parking outside their property or in their space. Usually, these problems can be sorted out with a few carefully chosen polite words.

Can I stop someone parking on my drive?

If a car is parked on my driveway, can I block them in? If someone has parked on your driveway and you were to block them in, your vehicle may be causing an obstruction to the public highway and this is a criminal offence. The owner of the vehicle could therefore call the police.

What is nuisance parking?

Nuisance parking is considered the act of parking on private land or property without having consent to do so. Examples of nuisance parking include parking on a private driveway or parking space, or parking over a private access causing an obstruction.

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Can I tow someone else’s car?

The greatest myth of them all is that it’s against the law to clamp or tow illegally parked cars. In fact, the law in NSW says you can’t clamp or tow without the owners’ permission – big difference.

Can I stop someone parking on private land?

There is no legislation for parking on private land. The protection of Freedoms Act 2012 placed a ban on vehicle clamping and removals on private land without lawful authority. Owners of private car parks cannot gain ‘lawful authority’ to clamp or tow a vehicle by obtaining the driver’s consent to doing so.

Can you tow a car on private land?

The Protection of Freedoms Act

The Act makes it an offence to clamp or tow away a vehicle parked on private land, without lawful authority. Parking charges and fines can still be issued on private land.